Secure networking and collaboration solutions to help small businesses run safely from home
In an era of home working, small businesses know that if they are to thrive, they need to stay secure, connected and productive.
Help businesses address these issues of security and powerful home networking by offering them a range of security, collaboration and networking solutions to support different types of small businesses.
These products listed form the solid bedrock of a secure home office.

The product offering features solutions like Webex, keeping teams connected through flawless video and audio conferencing. Simple security products like Umbrella and Duo, protecting employees, data and activity from threats. And Meraki Go cloud solutions, ensuring home networks can keep up with the pace of business.

Best of all the simplicity of products within the portfolio removes the complexity of setting up remote working for end customers. With Meraki Go’s setup taking mere seconds, Umbrella keeping up to date with no configuration, and Duo creating MFA in a single tap. You can now help position home working as a stress-free solution to your customers.

From now until 25 July 2020 there are great offers, free trials and extended licenses available to promote these holistic Cisco solutions.

In addition, Cisco Capital financing can help partners’ customers spread costs over time and avoid large upfront cash investments, thereby managing current available budgets whilst getting the technology they need to run their business.

Discover how you can support small businesses with these offers by contacting the Cisco Team now

Quality & Reliability

Lenovo products are tested and proven to the highest standards. Designed for the most demanding applications and workloads.


From innovation to design to components, Lenovo data center products yield top-tier performance ‐ so your enterprise can do the same.


Lenovo employs the most stringent security requirements to help you keep your business safe and running - day after day - and keep your data protected.


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